Vision Goals Action

As 2022 rolled into sight, I had a Vision in my mind of where I wanted to be by the end of the year. I began to break that down into 3 month increments of goals so that I could try to stay on track with items that I want to accomplish. This past year was all over the place as I took on new things and tried to figure out whether it was what I really wanted for myself.

I use a large “Happy Planner” because it is what works for me in planning out my everyday life as I call it, our joint business adventure and my business. At the beginning of each month the Planner has a page that has 3 sections: Notes & Ideas, Focus On, and Note to Self. I use the Notes & Ideas section to write my Goals for the month. Under the Focus on section I write the Actions that will help me to accomplish those Goals. And, under the Note to Self section, I am learning to write something positive to myself as I have often been my worst critic!

My Vision this year for my own business was to be true to myself and to my mission and to have Goals and Action steps that will move it in that direction. And in doing that, I knew I had to do things differently. I have been reading, watching Masterclasses, listening to a variety of Podcasts, and stepping outside of my comfort zone. The last one being the most important 🙂

My Goal with my Blogs is to give you a glimpse of the person behind the business and the products that are created from the heart and made with love.

Hearts & Love 🙂