Start Where You Are

“Whatever thing seems too intimidating, whatever new skill seems too far off to develop, whatever project has been hanging over your head forever: start where you are”

” Savor Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are” by Shauna Niequest

As I came across this devotion in Savor, it reminded me of where I began the year last year and how far I had come because I started where I was. I believed in myself even when no one else did. It wasn’t easy by any means however, I gained confidence along the way because it’s hard work. I realized that those that don’t believe in my ability to be successful can have their opinion yet, that does not define my success~ and that is a powerful piece of thinking:) I am learning to let go~ both physically and mentally. I have been cleaning, clearing, re-organizing, donating and plain throwing away! I am making room for new experiences, new people, and new adventures because who knows what this year may have in store for us 🙂 

Where will YOU start?!

Thank you for supporting me as I begin this new opportunity in helping others find the perfect card or gift giving experience~ you will never know how much it warms the heart!

Hearts &Love

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